Vortex, appropriately named, is a world of tempests swirling over the peaceful civiilization of the Vors. These hollow-boned aliens soar aloft thier leathery wings above the grassy plains of their world. In the sky with them are the poisonous birds known as goa lawah. The Vors live in circular underground hummocks amongst the grassy plains. The centerpiece of Vor civilization is the Cathedral of Winds. This emense crystalline structure was erected by the Vors according to an organic blueprint. When the gale force winds blow through the glass spires, the structure resonates with a natural melody. During the Concert of Winds, the Vors systemmatically block of vents and portals with their own bodies, manipulating the music into alien symphonies. No recording is allowed of this beautiful and unique ceremony. Everything on this world, even the storms raging above have a certain beauty.