The Victory Star Destroyer is not widely used today, obviosly being overshadowed by the Imperial Star Destroyer. The Victory Star Destroyer was designed at the end of the Clone Wars. At 900 meters long these ships are still usefull in keeping down rebel activity. It's weapons include 10 quad turbolasers, 40 double turbolasers, 80 concussion missle launchers, and 10 tractor beam projectors. They can carry two squadrons(24) of TIE Fighters. The Victory can also carry 2,000 ground troops as well as planetary drop ships, troop transports, and a wide range of planetary assault vehicles including AT-ATs, Juggernauts, and Ubrikkian HAVr Floating Fortresses. An advantage over the Imperial Star Destroyer is speed. The Victory Star Destroyer has a class one hyperdrive as opposed to the Imperial's slower model. However the Victory's LF9 ion engines can't produce sufficient speed for deep-space actions making it's greatest weakness in ship-to-ship combat. An upgradede version called the Victory II Star Destroyer was also made.