The Super Star Destroyer is the largest ship in the Imperial Navy. Only four have been completed as of now but more are under constuction. The most famous is Lord Vader's Executor. There is rumor that Emporor Palpatine is designing his own Super Star Destroyer that will dwarf Lord Vader's ship. The Super Star Destroyer is 8,000 meters long, five times larger than an Imperial Star Destroyer. Super Star Destroyers are assigned to only the most important and prestigious missions. Super Star Destroyer have over 1,000 weapons including turbolasers, concussion missle tubes, tractor beam projectors, and ion cannons. Super Star Destroyers also hold two wings(144) of TIE Fighters, as well as 200 other combat and support ships. For ground assaults they carried a full corps of Stormtroopers, 38,000 ground troops, three pre-fabricated Imperial Garrisons, and enough walkers to decimate any Rebel installation.