The Imperial Star Destroyer is the core of the Imperal Navy. These awesome wedge shaped ships are stationed at every Imperial system to help keep order. Star Destroyers are 1,600 meters long and have over one humdred weapon emplacements. This includes sixty turbolasers and sixty ion cannons. Star Destroyers have both an aft docking bay and a forward launch bay. The aft serves as the main launch and landing bay for shuttles, support and cargo ships, and TIE Fighters. The forward launch bay is used to deploy assault shutles, walker landing barges, and ground forces vehicles. A standard Star Destroyer carries a full wing of 72 TIE Fighters. This is usuallly composed of four squadrons of TIE/lns, one squadron of TIE Interceptors, and one squadron of TIE Bombers. Support ships aboard a Star Destroyer include eight Lambda Shuttles, 15 Stormtrooper Transports, five Assault Gunboats, and a variable numer of Skipray Blastboats and Gamma Assault Shuttles. Within a Star Destroyer's planetary assault teams are Landing Barges, Drop Ships, 20 AT-ATs, 30 AT-STs, and 9,700 ground troops. A Star Destroyer can also deploy a pre-fabricated garrison that includes 800 troops, 10 AT-ATs, 10 AT-STs, and 40 TIE Fighters. An upgraded version of the Imperial Star Destroyer called the Imperial II Star Destroyer came out shortly after the Battle of Yavin. It has a heavily reinforced hull and more powerful turbolasers.