This statue on the left is of a powerful Sith Lord. During the Sith Empire's Golden Age, there were many Sith Lords each controlling different areas. A select few gathered on Ziost where they were led by the Dark Lord of the Sith. There was only one Dark Lord at a time. When he died, a new one would be selected. The tradition went on this way for ages until the Sith started fighting amongst themselves. Eventually, there was one left. He then took on an aprrentice. From that point on there would only be two Sith Lords, the Dark Lord of the Sith, and his apprentice.

The Massassi, a now extinct race loyal to the Sith carried around banners such as these ones on important occasions such as Sith Lord funerals and meetings.

This art is from a structure built by the Massassi for their Sith Lord. The Sith Lords used the Massassi as slaves and they were forced to build many palaces and temples for them. Every Sith Lord had his own Massassi slaves that were loyal to him alone and would gladly die for their master.

The Sith Lords used these amulets to focus their power. It was believed to make them stronger. Extreme amounts of power could be generated through the Force with the assisstance of these.

The Massassi wore decorative headgear and chestplates while on patrol or at formal gatherings.

A Sith Lord in full armor. No two Sith Lords had the exact same armor. The armor was more ornamental than protective. Most Sith Lords wore head pieces to go with their elaborate armor. In battle Sith Lords wore metal swords and amulets.