Our Emperor's role in the politics of our galaxy started when he was a senator in the Galactic Senate. Many of his colleagues looked up to him for leadership in times of need. When Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum was considered unfit for his leading role, the senators elected a new chancellor, a strong chancellor. This was our great Emperor Palpatine. He saw the corruption of the Republic as a great threat to the citizens of the galaxy. Chancellor Palpatine greatly diminished the strength of the bureaucrats, who were trying to make a grab at power. He ridded the galaxy of the evils of the Jedi who had become corrupt and had been trying to control the Republic with their evil powers. He wiped them out with the help of Darth Vader, who was the last of their knighthood still loyal to the noble cause. However, the corruption and moral decay of the Republic continued. Acting in the best interest of his citizens, Chancellor Palpatine declared himself Emperor and changed the Galactic Republic to the Galactic Empire. He later disbanded the Imperial Senate, destroying the last remnants of the tyrannical Republic. With the threat of rebellion, Emperor Palpatine put all he had into the war effort to ensure the safety of his people. He lived for the welfare of his citizens, and he died for the welfare of his citizens.

Sacrifice at Endor

Behold my Master and weep. He has been stolen from us by those who embrace hatred. The Emperor learned that the Rebels had stolen plans for an Imperial Planetary Ore Extractor and intended to use the one they were fabricating at Endor on inhabited planets. He assembled his fleet, and heedless of personal danger, he had me take him to Endor. He infiltrated the half-completed extractor, offering these Rebels his forgiveness and a hand in friendship. They rejected him and attacked his fleet. My master had no alternative but to destroy this Death Star himself, perishing in the process so his citizens could live on. I was slain with him, but my death did not distress me, for it came in service to my Master.