Tatooine Rendezvous Script

LUKE: Yes, Artoo, I'm positive that it's done this time.

ARTOO whistles his reluctance.

LUKE: (chuckles) Let's hope not... Well, here goes nothing.

LUKE holds out the small cylinder and with a flick of his wrist it ignites. A glorius yellow-green glow eminates from his newly constructed lightsaber. Satisfied, Luke deactivates the blade. Excitedly, ARTOO lets out a loud bleep.

LUKE: That should do it.

A small compartment slides open on Artoo's domed head. Luke slides his new weapon into the compartment. A flap closes perfectly concealing the lasersword. Luke kneels in front of ARTOO and slides a small disc into the front of the small droid.

LUKE: Okay, ARTOO, start the recording.

ARTOO beeps a question. Luke glances at SEE-THREEPIO who is deactivated sitting leaned against a wall.

LUKE: (grins) No, I don't think we should tell him, Artoo. He gets rattled too easily. He might blow our cover. Besides, I'm sure you wouldn't wan't to miss his reaction when he hears this.

ARTOO bleeps in concurrance.

LUKE: Besides, his reaction should help convince Jabba... Ready ARTOO?

In a succession of beeps and whistles, ARTOO signals Luke to begin.

LUKE: Greetings, Exalted One...