Emperor Palpatine
"The son of Skywalker must not become a Jedi." 449KB
"Everything is proceeding as I have forseen." 84KB
"So be it, Jedi." 613MB

Darth Vader
"The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but a learner. Now I am the master." 572KB
"The Force is with you young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet." 78KB
"I am your father." 42KB

Grand Moff Tarkin
"You're sure the homing beacon is secure aboard their ship? I'm taking an awful risk Vader. This had better work." 838KB
"Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances." 434KB
"You may fire when ready." 15KB

Admiral Piett
"Bounty hunters, we don't need their scum." 56KB

Admiral Ozzel
"Good, our first catch of the day." 224KB

Admiral Motti
"This station is now the ultimate power in the universe." 303KB

Admiral Salm
"As you can see Lord Vader, the units performed admirably. In fact, I think the whole project is quite impressive." 155KB

Moff Jerjerrod
"But he asks the impossible. I need more men." 428KB
"We shall double our efforts." 183KB

Moff Seerdon
"Do you no longer harbor any loyalty to our Emperor? Defecting to the Rebel terrorists will be your undoing Kasan. Unfortunate to lose such a fine officer, but the weak will die off to make room for the strong. It is the way of the universe. Farewell, little rodent." 386KB

Grand General Brashin
"Several Rebel transports have already been tracked leaving the Yavin system, Major. But we have established a blockade around the planet." 158KB
"They must be dealt with swiftly" 32KB

General Mohc
"Thank you Lord Vader. What I unveil today will mark a new era for the Empire. We will be able to decimate the Rebels just as we did the Jedi Knights. At last the Emperor's war will be filled only with the glory and beauty of decisive victory." 383KB

General Tagge
"Until this battle station is fully operational we are vulnerable. The Rebel Alliance is too well equiped. They're more dangerous than you realize." 181KB

General Veers
"Yes Lord Vader, I've reached the main power generator. The shield will be down in moments. You may start your landing." 141KB

Commander Jir
"Holding her is dangerous. If word of this gets out it could cause sympathy for the Rebellion in the Senate." 113KB

Commander Praji
"Lord Vader, the battle station plans are not aboard this ship. And no transmissions were made. An escape pod was jetisoned during the fighting but no life forms were aboard." 193KB

Cheif Bast
"We've analyzed their attack Sir, and there is a danger. Should I have your ship standing by?" 107KB

Captain Needa
"And that, Lord Vader, was the last time they appeared in any of our scopes. Considering the amount of damage we've sustained, they must have been destroyed." 262KB

Captain Khurgee
"There's no one on board, Sir. According to the log the crew abandoned ship right after take off. It must be a decoy, Sir. Several of the escape pods have been jettisoned." 177KB

Lieutenant Tanbris
"We count thirty Rebel ships, Lord Vader, but they are so small they are evading our turbolasers." 115KB

Lieutenant Treidum
"TK421, why aren't you at your post? TK421, do you copy?" 115KB

Lieutenant Childsen
"Where are you taking this thing?" 66KB

Officer Cass
"Our scouts ships have reached Dantooine. They found the remains of a Rebel base, but they estimate that it has been deserted for some time. They are now conducting an extensive search of the surrounding systems." 224KB

Imperial Pilot DS-61-2
"Lookout!" 37KB

Stormtrooper Davin Felth
"Look Sir, droids." 129KB

"You seem to be having some difficulty with the concepts." 142KB