Early Luke

The first appearance of Luke was supposed to be while he is tending to a vaporator. He looked up and saw the battle with his electrobinoculars. He went to his landspeeder to go to Anchorhead. He urged his treadmill droid to come along but it blew its motivator. He then took off in his landspeeder.


The most famous lost scene is the Anchorhead scene where Luke meets up with his friends including Biggs at Toshi Station. He tells them of the space battle that was occuring over the planet, but they fail to believe him. It is here Biggs tells him that he is going to join the Rebellion. While writing the script, George Lucas's friends had told him that he should introduce the main character earlier. His script had recieved criticism similar to THX1138, that (mainly the beginning) was mechanical and cold. George responded by adding scenes that could have come straight from the high school world of American Graffiti. Lucas said that the footage simply did not work for the film he wanted to make, although many fans think that it gives the characters greater depth and gives the whole story of the Empire and the Rebellion.


Anchorhead Woman

While Luke is going through Anchorhead in his landspeeder, a woman yells at him to slow down.

Commander Jir

In a scene on the Tantive IV, Commander Jir told Vader that Leia should be destroyed immediately. Vader answers by saying, "No, my first duty is to locate that hidden fortress of theirs."

Chief Bast

There was a conversation between Chief Bast and Darth Vader on the Death Star concerning the search on Tatooine.

BAST: They're starting to search the spaceport central.

VADER: Send in more men if you have to. Never mind the protests of the planetary governor. I must have those droids.

Blue Milk Dispenser

There was a scene while Beru is preparing dinner when she pours blue milk out of a "blue milk dispenser."

Desert Landspeeder

The scene where Luke and C-3PO were searching the desert for R2-D2 was originally supposed to be a lot longer. Showing in the background how the terrain changed from the Dune Sea to the rocky Jundland Wastes. In the background there were also buildings.

Tarkin's Extra Dialogue

Originally, after Tarkin learned that Leia lied about Dantooine, he not only orders her to be terminated, but adds a second line saying, "I'll find that hidden fortress if I have to destroy every star system in this sector!"

Death Star Overbridge Viewscreen

There was a deleted scene where Vader is talking with Tarkin, Tagge, and Motti on the Death Star where what looks possibly like schematics are being projected on an overhead viewscreen.

Flash Gordon

In a back alley while stormtroopers are searching the streets of Mos Eisley, there was a little person only known as "Flash Gordon" being chased by an alien so tall, only his legs could be seen. The little person then escapes through the giants legs. This scene was put into the Star Wars Holiday Special in a feature called "Life on Tatooine."

Original Cantina Scene

The cantina scene was originally shot slightly diffeerent, with different creatures, different angles, and some different accents. The dialogue was also slightly different between Han and Luke and Obi-Wan. One of the most important parts of this scene was when Han was with a girl named Jenny while Obi-Wan was cutting off Ponda Baba's arm. They kiss and then Jenny leaves when Luke and Obi-Wan come over. The whole scene was shot over again and the second version appeared in the film.

Han and Luke Congratulations

Another deleted scene showed Han and Luke congratulating each other after winning the battle with the TIEs. Soon after that Han and Luke have their first real conversation. Han starts to accept that Luke isn't just a farmboy.

Rebel Briefing Room

The scene of the Rebel briefing room shows very many more pilots and technicians the first time it was shot.