"Arrival at Coruscant" 401KB

"The Imperial March" 803KB

"Imperial City" 719KB

"Emperor's Throne Room" 785KB

"Lando's Palace" 734KB

"Anakin Defeats Sebulba" 562KB

"The Droid Invasion" 619KB

"The Return Home" 381KB

"Xizor's Theme" 557KB

"Flag Parade" 565KB

"A Hive of Villainy" 510KB

"Into the Sewers" 545KB

"Fight with TIE Fighters" 566KB

"Faking the Code" 533KB

"Here They Come" 574KB

"The Battle of Gall" 582KB

"Into the Trap" 747KB

"Escape on the Millennium Falcon" 673KB

"The Return of the Jedi" 570KB

"Asteroid Field" 567KB

"Credits" 1.41MB