See the Art of our Galaxy

Welcome to Monument Plaza, where you can enjoy some of the fine works of art in Imperial City. These have been provided by Dastoli Digital.

Desktop Wallpapers

The Dark Side
The New Jedi Order
Knights of the Old Republic
Anakin Skywalker
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Thrawn Campaign
Jabba the Hutt
Seeds of Rebellion
The Imperial Fleet
New Republic
Rogue Squadron
Search for Solo

Imperial Posters

Support the Empire

Holiday Wallpapers

Christmas 1999
Hanukkah 1999
Christmas 2000
Hanukkah 2000
Christmas 2001
Hanukkah 2001
Christmas 2002

You can also view a trailer made for this website by Dastoli Digital

Coruscant: The Imperial Center Trailer 13.6 MB

Screen Savers

The Imperial Forces Screen Saver 4.34 MB
Coruscant: The Imperial Center Screen Saver 968 KB

We ask that you do not take bare rock from the mountain as a souvenir. Thank you for your cooperation.

Avoid the congested skylanes. Take an air taxi.

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