Mon Calamari has little land on it's surface. All the life on the world revolves around the sea. There are two very different races that share the world. The Mon Calamari have squid-like heads and bulbous eyes and the Quarren have four tentacles protruding from their jaws. The waters of this planet teem with life. From the small glurpfish to the gargantuan krakana that will eat anything it encounters. Also residing deep beneath the sea is the knowledge bank. This is a community of intelligent mollusks that maintains a history of every event that has happened on the world. The Mon Calamari and Quarren have worked together to build massive floating cities that are both submerged under the water, and poking up through the surface. The Mon Calamari take a leadership role in the cities, with the Quarren inhabiting the lowest and darkest levels. These cities, such as Reef Home, Coral Depths, Kee-Piru, Coral City, Heurkea, Foamwander City, the Domed City of Aquaris, and Morjanssik, have organic appearances and are constructed with raw ores mined from domed cities on the ocean floor. The Mon Calamari have constructed huge, organic-looking ships that are used for pleasure cruises. Through their cities and even their starships we see that the inhabitants of Mon Calamari have a love for the natural beauty of their world.