Vader and Jerjerrod Greet the Emperor

In the script at the Emperor's arrival it is noted that a Super Star Destroyer and several Imperial ships rest above Endor near the second Death Star. Palpatine's shuttle is escorted by four squadrons of TIE Fighters. Just before the Emperor arrives, a scene was filmed showing Vader and a very nervous Moff Jerjerrod walking down a corridor with other officers behind them. They then walk into the docking bay where the shuttle is coming down to rest.


It is directly after the destruction of Jabba's Sail Barge. A ferocious sandstorm is trying discourage our heroes from reaching the Millenium Falcon, Luke's X-Wing and a two-seated Y-Wing. The reason Lucas dropped the scene was because we had just gone through a great experience with the Sarlacc and the explosion of the Sail Barge and then you cut to this blinding sandstorm with the noise and the music up very high. The idea was that they wanted to bring the audience down and give them a breather.


Rendezvous on Tatooine

In a scene that was supposed to take place right after Vader arrives at the half-completed second Death Star, Luke Skywalker is in the home of Ben Kenobi as a sandstorm wails outside the hut. He has just completed his lightsaber and turns it on for the first time. He then hides it in R2-D2, in preparation for the battle over the Pit of Carkoon. The scene ends as Luke begins recording his message to Jabba. The construction of Luke's lightsaber has been put into Shadows of the Empire. He travels to the home of Ben Kenobi, where he builds it. His test comes sooner than he had hoped when Jabba's swoop gang attempts to assasinate him. He is aided by Dash Rendar.