Ithor, due to its beauty and peacefulness, is one of the leading tourist destinations for honeymooners and young lovers. It is filled with peaceful, yet lively rain forests, waterfalls, and exotic plants and animals. The natives are Ithorians, a peaceful, gentle, and wise species that are excellent farmers. The lush rain forests support varied life-forms including manollium birds, arrack snakes, shamarok flitters, indyup trees, donar flowers, and bull-ferns. The most important species are semi-intelligent bafforr trees, which rule benevolently over all the forest's organisms. Ithorians worship the Mother Jungle and have lived in harmony with it since the dawn of their civilization. For every vegetable plucked, they would plant two more. When the Ithorians discovered repulsorlift technology, they immediately used it for the good of the jungle. The Ithorians built "herd cities," which are massive vessels that hover just above the surface of the planet and are slowly propelled over the jungle landscape by dozens of gigantic repulsorlift engines. These herdships are hundreds of meters tall and nearly a kilometer long. The interior environments of these ships reproduce every terrain found on Ithor. All Ithorians live in herd cities because it is sacrilegeous to set foot on the land. Every few years the herd cities gather at a central location for the sacred Time of Meeting. The many herd cities, such as Tafanda Bay, Cloud-Mother, and Tree of Tarintha, link with each other in a delicate web of bridges and antigrav platforms. The Meet, as well as all the sights of the planet, are truely inspirational. The Ithorians are perfect examples of how species and their technology can interact paecefully with the environment.