The Interdictor Cruiser, also known as the Immobilizer 418 Cruiser, at 600 meters long may just look like a small version of a Star Destroyer, but it carries an artificial gravity-well generator and four huge gravity-well projectors. When activated, this gravity-well generator prevents nearby ships from escaping into hyperspace. Any ship traveling in hyperspace when it hits the gravity-well will instantly br converted to realspace. Interdictors are placed on the perimeter of the battle area. This gives the captains a claer view of any battle so they can presicely target the placement of gravity-wells to prevent any ships from escaping into hyperspace. The Interdictor usually carries no weapons. The hull can be filled with a wide variety of weapons and the ship systems can be easily converted for custom mission duties. The biggest disadvantage with the Interdictor Cruiser is that the gravity-wells can take more than a minute to charge up, giving quick-thinking opponents a chance to escape into hyperspace while they're charging up.