The History of Coruscant

BBY - Before the Battle of Yavin
ABY - After the Battle of Yavin

200,000 BBY

The Taungs, an ancient race, begin to control the planet Coruscant for many millennia, prior to the dawn of modern humans. They conquered the other peoples of the planet, including the Zhell, in a series of bloody conquests. They were known throughout history as the Dark Warriors, after a volcano erupted during their final battle with the Zhell. The ash from the explosion wiped out the Zhell city, and the Taung adopted the name ‘Dha Werda Verda’, or “The Warriors of the Shadow,” when the ash cloud filled the skies for two years, casting a shadow over their lives.

199,998 BBY

The sky over Coruscant is finally free of ash.

100,000 BBY

Galactic City, later known as Republic City and Imperial City covers all of the natural land on Coruscant. One remaining piece of land, Coruscant’s tallest mountain remains and is enshrined in what will be known as Monument Plaza. The city is built on an old battlefield between the ancient Taungs and the Battalions of Zhell.

25,000 BBY

The Old Republic, a galaxy - wide government of planetary systems, is formed in the Core Worlds. It will spread out from there to settle other distant star systems. Coruscant, Alderaan, Corellia and Chandrila are among the founding members of the Republic.

The Senate Library, one of the largest libraries in the galaxy is built. It is a complete record of minutes, policy decisions, agendas, and related material of Senate rule over the Republic.

"Galactic standard" timekeeping measurements are derived from those which originated on Coruscant. While many planets maintain their own timekeeping methods based on their local planetary cycles, all official communications and records use galactic standard measures. There are 60 standard seconds in a standard hour, 24 standard hours in a standard day, five standard days in a standard week and seven standard weeks in a standard month. A standard year is 368 standard days; ten standard months plus three fete weeks and three more holidays, all devoted to traditional celebrations, festivals, and observances.

25,000 to 15,000 BBY

The Expansionist period, as all cultures gain interstellar travel. Basic, verbal language based on the tongue of the Human inhabitants of the Core World peoples, quickly becomes a universal language after its’ rise in use in diplomacy and trade. At the same time, Aurebesh becomes the second most widely used as a technical language. Aurebesh eventually evolves into the written form of Basic. Intelligent species have developed a bewildering array of communication forms. Fortunately, Basic (aka Galactic Standard), the standard language of the Old Republic, enables almost everyone to understand almost everyone else. Basic, derived from the native tongue of Coruscant's humans, is designed to be easy to understand and pronounce. Most alien species can speak it, and almost all of them can understand it. Most records and texts are stored in Basic. Nevertheless a variety of other languages are in use. It isn’t unusual for someone to speak several languages; Basic, a native tongue, a couple of regional dialects, and a smattering of trade languages. A well - traveled citizen may speak dozens of languages.

5,000 BBY

On Coruscant, Teta and Urr inform the Senate of the danger of the Sith, but the Senate doesn't take the threat seriously.

Jori escapes from Ronika in an ore ship, risking her life against the Cinnagar fleet to reach Empress Teta's palace and finally getting the warning to her. The Sith fleet arrives in Republic space. Their first shot destroys the ‘Starbreaker 12’ and Ssk Kahorr. They rush upon a completely unprepared Coruscant, and every other major point in the Republic, as Sadow uses Sith illusion to make the fleet look much larger than it truly is, and starts firing drop ships of Massassi warriors and giant beasts upon the planets. Teta launches her fleet to meet the challenge as Urr works at Kirrek with the now pardoned and released rebels to repel the invasion. Gav travels down to Cinnagar to find Jori -- and is helpless to stop his Sith guards from disembowelling Aarba. Jori arrives just in time to see Gav and the Hutt's corpse, and jumps to the wrong conclusion. Wielding a lightsaber given her by Urr, she attacks her brother. Gav escapes and (with Jori following) rushes to Sadow's base at Primus Goluud, now fully realising how Sadow has used him and determined to stop him. With Sadow thus distracted, the Jedi find it easier to see through the illusions and drive the Sith off Coruscant.

4,000 BBY

A huge droid revolution occurs on Coruscant, where nearly every droid on the planet rises up against its masters. Jedi Master Arca Jeth and many other Jedi on Coruscant help defend the planet's citizens from the malfunctioning droids. This event is later known as The Great Droid Revolution.

3,998 BBY

Nomi Sunrider travels to Coruscant with Master Thon to plead on the Jedi's behalf regarding the crisis occuring on Onderon. The Republic Senate is reluctant at first to help, considering the matter a problem for the Jedi only. But while the debate takes place, a new element enters the picture -- Setal and Aleema Keto, two bored aristocrats from the Empress Teta System. They have formed a secret society called the Krath and are in search of knowledge about the Dark Side. As Setal and Aleema steal Sith artifacts from the Galactic Museum of Coruscant, the Senate is finally swayed by the arguments of Thon and Nomi. Nomi is sent to lead a Republic fleet to Onderon to wipe out the Darksiders. As the battle begins, the Keto’s race right through the fleet, ignoring their warnings and dodging rocket - jumper troops. Making their way to the Darksider headquarters, they receive aid and instruction from Nadd and Ommin.

3,997 BBY

Ulic Qel-Droma attacks Coruscant, as Vodo Siosk-Baas, Nomi Sunrider, and Cay Qel-Droma organize the defence. Aleema abandons Ulic to be captured, using Lord Mandalore to replace him. Mandalore secretly intends to rescue Ulic. As Ulic stands trial before the Senate, Exar plans to wipe out all the Jedi Masters at once, using the corrupted Jedi. Kun breaks into the trial of Ulic, puts the Senate under a spell, murders both the Senate judge and Master Vodo, and takes Ulic with him. Mandalore informs Ulic of Aleema's treachery. While Nomi and Thon are able to stop Oss Wilum from murdering them, the corrupted students of Kun carry out a massacre of the Jedi Masters.

1,989 BBY

The inner surface of Coruscant, after millennia of build up and decay, starts to be taken over by the dregs of society, looking for a safe haven from the authorities and the outside world.

335 BBY

The Granite Slug is introduced into the undercity of Coruscant by the government to help clean up the detritus, garbage and refuse piled up in the netherworld over the centuries.

275 BBY

The clock of the Central Gathering Hall of Coruscant is modified to begin marking the hour by spreading auroras in the planet’s atmosphere.

94 BBY

The Jedi Master T’un becomes caretaker of the records of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, a role he will hold for over fifty years.

32 BBY

Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Queen Amidala’s entourage arrive on Coruscant. Qui-Gon reports the apparent existence of the new Sith to the surprised twelve member Jedi Council, and then drops the bombshell about Anakin. They agree to meet the boy and test his potential. Although his potential in the Force is obvious, a little probing by Yoda highlights the glaring flaws in Anakin’s character. Elsewhere, Amidala meets with Palpatine, who informs her that the corrupt and weak Senate probably won’t be any help at all -- unless she forces the ouster of Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, Naboo’s most ardent supporter. She won’t hear of it -- until she presents her case to the Senate, and sees first hand how bureaucracy and the Trade Federation’s influence has destroyed the once - noble democratic institution, and any chance of saving her people with it. With Palpatine’s lies about Valorum ringing in her ears, she loudly demands Valorum be impeached at once, and a new Supreme Chancellor elected. While waiting for the Council to render their decision, Anakin and Jar Jar helps a young boy and his malfunctioning nanny droid return home. A little later, the Jedi Council decides Anakin is indeed -- not worthy for training as a Jedi. Not only is he too old, but also he has far too much anger and fear in him. Incensed at this, Qui-Gon defies the Council and announces he will train Anakin without their permission -- Obi-Wan is ready to become a Knight, he declares. He believes Anakin to be the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy, the “Chosen One” who will bring “balance to the Force.” The Council, led by Mace Windu and Yoda, calms the tense situation down by stating they will reconsider Anakin’s fate at a later time. Right now, with Amidala resigned to returning to Naboo and sharing the fate of her people, they want Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to go with her and protect her -- and find out just what connection, if any, the Sith has with the invasion. As they leave, Sidious tells the Neimoidians he no longer needs her help at all -- kill her when she lands. On Coruscant, Senator Palpatine is elected Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.

22 BBY

Fighting alongside future Viceroy of Alderaan Bail Prestor Organa, General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are instrumental in the successful victory for the Old Republic in the Clone Wars. Citing the increasingly unstable situation of the Republic, Palpatine declares himself Emperor. The Republic is renamed the Galactic Empire, the Senate is scaled down in power, and Palpatine begins a massive build - up of the military. He also orders that all Jedi be exterminated for a Clone Wars - related atrocity they did not commit (he did). He also orders that all mention of the Jedi in galactic records be erased, as well as Jedi relics. He officially renames Coruscant “Imperial Center.” At the very time he does this, Anakin Skywalker marries Queen Amidala

20 BBY

The Alien Protection Zone, an area of Coruscant's Imperial City is set aside for the habitation of non-human labor during the New Order. It was set up to appease many Old Republic Senators who felt that the New Order unfairly treated aliens.

18 BBY

Although never used, retreats are built on Coruscant.

16 BBY

As a member of the Organa family's entourage, C-3P0 attends the annual Emperor's Ball on Coruscant. There, he meets and talks with Darth Vader, mistaking him for a new type of Guard - droid. Thanks to that mistake, he then spends the next year as a preschool teacher.

10 BBY

Sullustan Jedi Master Darrin Arkanian runs through the shadow - drenched alleys of Coruscant with his human companion, Corwin Shelvay, searching for Captain Rashh, their ticket to get off - planet. Master Arkanian hears a voice behind him, he turns to view the person as he steps from the shadows, it is High Inquisitor Tremayne. Tremayne meets the gaze of Corwin - he knows him. Arkanian and Tremayne duel with their lightsabers. Shelvay watched in horror, unable to do more than crawl back into the shadows. He didn’t see the armoured figures skulking in the alley until they had pointed their Imperial - issue blasters at him and ordered him to remain motionless. Tremayne had brought reinforcements. Tremayne orders Jedi Master Arkanian to drop his weapon, or the Troopers will kill the boy. Arkanian complies, but is then promptly cut down by Tremayne. High Inquisitor Tremayne gloats to himself that he has finally killed a Jedi Master. Shelvay, distraught at his master’s death, calls his fallen mentor’s weapon into his hand and attacks Tremayne. Shelvay, during the duel, manages to sever Tremayne’s arm just below the shoulder, and slashes across his face.

Han Solo travels to Coruscant and begins preparations to join the Imperial Academy.

Thanks to the Hutts, Han barely avoids arrest at the Imperial bank. But far worse than this, Bria Tharen leaves him, unable to deal with her addiction and her love for him both. She does leave Han a sizeable loan from her father to go on with. Torn apart by this, Han continues on to the Academy. Just as he's accepted and about to begin classes -- Garris Shrike catches up to him at last, seeking a bounty from the Hutts. Shrike is killed by another bounty hunter who had also come for Solo. In a desperate fight, Han kills the bounty hunter. He officially becomes a cadet in the Imperial Navy.


Han Solo, now a Lieutenant in the Imperial Army, rescues a dozen Wookiee slaves -- including one called Chewbacca -- from the bounty hunter Bossk at the under-construction Imperial Hall of Heroes on Coruscant. He defends Chewbacca against mistreatment by Imperial Commander Nyklas, and is promptly dishonourably discharged. Chewbacca, somehow freed, believing he owes a life - debt to Solo, trails him around. At first wary, Solo eventually comes to accept Chewbacca as a partner. With the aid of Mako Spince, Solo eventually becomes a pirate and smuggler.

Dash Rendar's older brother Stanton is killed in a freighter crash in Coruscant. The freighter crashes into the Emperor's private wing of the Imperial Museum, destroying several Jedi and Sith artefacts. A furious Palpatine orders the Rendar family stripped of everything short of their lives and banishes them from the Core Worlds. (Their holdings are given to Prince Xizor, who "arranged" the crash.) Cadet Dash is expelled from the Academy of Carida and banished as well. He eventually becomes a smuggler.

To the Hutt's shock, Sector Moff Sarn Shild announces that the Emperor has ordered a crackdown on Hutt activities and all illegal activities in Hutt space. Han is sent to Coruscant as a peace emissary to Shild, who says that the Hutts will not be hurt if they "cooperate," and that Nar Shaddaa will be "made an example of." Han is shocked to see Bria as Shild's apparent mistress. (She's not.) The Hutts desperately attempt to bribe Admiral Greelanx, head of Shild's fleet. With the battle plan purchased, Han and Mako gathers every smuggler on Nar Shaddaa to create an army to battle Shild.


At Cantham House (Mon Mothma’s home on Coruscant), the three leading insurrectionists in the Republic government -- Mothma, Garm Bel-Iblis, and Bail Organa -- begin working on creating a unified rebel operation.

Year 0

Ysanne Isard (falsely) declares her father a Rebel and a traitor - blowing up the Political Center on Darknell to ensure Bel Iblis joined the Rebellion, as well as sending her on a suicide mission to both get rid of her and ensure the Rebels got the tape about the Death Star. She has the Imperial Royal Guard drag her father off to certain death, and takes over his position at the head of Imperial Intelligence…

Darth Vader arrives on Coruscant aboard a Carrack cruiser. He goes to see Emperor Palpatine and witnesses the Emperor undergoing bacta treatment on his latest clone body. Palpatine communicates with him telepathically and asks what happened to the Death Star to determine how truthful Vader will be. Palpatine informs him that Grand Moff Tarkin’s third holotape just might hold information that could bring one of Tarkin’s last plans to fruition and an end to the Rebellion.

Darth Vader, Captain Mordak, and Officer Tix arrive back on Coruscant. Vader takes the last of Grand Moff Tarkin’s holotapes to the Emperor and they play it. In it, Tarkin outlines his plans for gravity well-projecting vehicles to enhance the Imperial fleet. Vader is told to head on to Fondor and oversee the construction of the Executor, while Mordak is placed in charge of the gravity well project.

Pollux Hax, former chief of the Emperor’s propaganda dissemination section, submits a report to the public about the planet Coruscant AKA Imperial Center. It is rife with the kind of fact twisting and politicking that was his stock-in-trade while working for Palpatine, so it bears very little academic weight.

On Coruscant, Vader finally faces the Emperor in person for the first time since the Death Star’s destruction. Evasive about “the pilot,” Vader is distracted by the crash of a nearby intruder (Mala), and then told of Luke’s location and takes off. The Emperor has also learned of Luke Skywalker’s existence, thanks to Mala. Surprisingly, all she wants in return are a new ship and spare parts to build some droid friends. Even more surprisingly, the Emperor agrees. He decides to pretend he doesn’t know of Luke, stringing Vader along until he can find a way to turn the situation to his advantage.

Senator Canna Omanda, Mon Mothma's replacement as Chandrilan senator, is arrested, tortured into a “confession” of various crimes, and executed for treason. A protégé of Mothma's, Omanda was known for her fiery rhetoric and abrasive opinions of the New Order. Her outspoken personality caused her to be arrested for treason shortly after the disbanding of the Senate. According to official Imperial news channels (which more than a few galactic citizens see as little more than propaganda) the Emperor "personally asked her to return to Coruscant for a short interview with High Inquisitor Halmere" to clear her name. No less than three Star Destroyers were dispatched to Chandrila to accompany the former Senator. She was scheduled for execution during that year's Fete Week.

The Emperor reveals to Ysanne Isard the existence of a sister ship of the Super Star Destroyer class, the ‘Lusankya’, buried under the surface of Coruscant. The ‘Lusankya’ was built at Kuat Drive Yards under the name ‘Executor’ (leading to a later report that the infamous Super Star Destroyer had been built there). She begins using it as a concentration camp.


Kyle Katarn infiltrates Imperial City on Coruscant and steals the location of Mohc’s ship (the Arc Hammer) from the intelligence computers, fighting Boba Fett and knocking him out.


The New Year Fete Week is launched in Coruscant - the first in eight years Emperor Palpatine does not attend.

The victorious Avenger and Talon squadrons are honored by Emperor Palpatine on Coruscant after destroying the main Rebel shipyard at the Nocto system.

Admiral Thrawn returns to Coruscant after several years in the Unknown Regions.


New Year Fete Week is celebrated on Coruscant - the second year in a row Emperor Palpatine does not attend. Neither does Darth Vader, Admiral Thrawn, or Grand Admiral Tigellinus.

The Millennium Falcon, under B-1D4’s control, arrives on Coruscant. Knowing they must escape the planet, the Imperial capital world, the Rebels aboard determine that they should head for Coruscant’s lower levels to find the legendary Phelon, a Columi who owes Han Solo a favor, and is also rumored to be a criminal, a Rebel sympathizer, and an Imperial stooge all in one. Before they leave, they cleanse the recent memories of R2-D2 and C-3PO to free them of B-1D4’s influence, but R2-D2 jacks into the Falcon’s computers and is re-infected. Chewbacca, R2-D2, and C-3PO accompany one Rebel as they flee into the lower levels. The others head out as well, leaving B-1D4 deactivated on the Falcon, which is docked under a false registry (which required Han entering the password “Organa,” which Han says is in honor of Bail Organa, but is, of course, actually due to his growing love for Leia). After various encounters with underworld denizens, the Rebel, Chewie, and the droids finally make it to Phelon’s hideout, where they learn that, through dummy companies, he has been “advising” Imperial construction companies (i.e. being an Imperial stooge), skimming a fortune from those transactions (i.e. being a criminal), and using that fortune to help fund Rebel activities (i.e. being a Rebel sympathizer). He uses the virus within R2-D2 to convince every computer on Coruscant, temporarily, that the Millennium Falcon is actually the Felon Melon and free to go. The computers are also make to assist the Rebels in their escape, no matter what. The rest of the Rebels arrive, and the group sets off for the Falcon and off of Coruscant. They are not unnoticed in their departure, however, as the harbormaster contacts Darth Vader of their departure. The Rebels head for the nearby Rebel base on Cheeyoom Matee, where they are greeted warmly . . . and then betrayed by the base commander, who turns them over to the Imperials. They are to be sent to the Imperial prison on Merakai immediately.

Shira Brie is returned to Coruscant. There, the Emperor’s scientists use their most advanced cybernetics to save her. Soon after her recovery, Lord Vader begins to train her in the ways of the Dark Side, hoping (in the event Luke dies) to have an apprentice when he deposes the Emperor. Shira boldly embraces the dark path Vader lays before her, and begins a new life. From that moment on, Shira Brie ceases to exist. She becomes Lumiya, Dark Lady of the Sith.


The Convoy of Defender bearing Corvettes escapes, successfully rendezvousing with Admiral Thrawn. At the Emperor’s command, Thrawn personally oversees the transfer of the prototypes to Coruscant. Realizing that TIE Defender’s secrets may have gotten out, and that Grand Admiral Zaarin also has TIE Defenders, the Emperor assigns Thrawn to start working on a new fighter to counter the Defender.

Thrawn returns to Coruscant with the captured Ali Tarrak, and due to his excellent work and tactics, is promoted to Grand Admiral in a small ceremony. Emperor’s Hand Mara Jade is present at the ceremony. Thrawn sees some of himself in Tarrak, and gives her the opportunity to work for the Empire, which she accepts. With the Nami pirates effectively out of the way, Thrawn again goes after Zaarin.

Boba Fett fights off an attack by Bossk, Zuckuss and 4-LOM for the frozen Han Solo. (The latter two are working for the Alliance to get Solo.) Leia contacts Greedo's uncle Avaro, who in turn introduces her to Guri -- Xizor's human replica droid and right-hand woman. Dressing herself as the Ubese bounty hunter Boussh, she and Chewie travel to Coruscant to meet with Prince Xizor. The Falleen tries to seduce Leia. As Vader travels to Kothlis to collect Skywalker, Luke uses his newly-sharpened Jedi skills to escape with Lando. When Vader arrives, he learns from the hunters of Xizor's treachery. The heroes travel to Coruscant to find Leia. They have to travel through Coruscant's sewers to reach Xizor's palace. As they rescue Leia and rig Xizor's palace to blow, the droids fly the Falcon to pick them up. Luke is challenged to a fight by Guri. Putting all of his trust in the Force for the first time, he defeats her. She gets away in a paraglider as the palace explodes. As the ‘Falcon’ and ‘Outrider’ begin to escape, Xizor (now in his orbital skyhook) orders an all-out attack. Vader -- and then Rogue Squadron -- joins the fray, which ends with Vader destroying Xizor in the skyhook. In the explosion, the ‘Outrider’ is apparently destroyed. (In fact, Rendar faked his death in the final battle, changed his identity to avoid Black Sun's wrath, and retired.) Luke and company prepares for their next move: the rescue of Han Solo.

A large - scale celebration breaks out in a plaza on Coruscant (among several worlds) upon news of the Emperor’s death (transmitted via Holonet from Rebel Castin Donn). Ysanne Isard orders troops into the plaza, where a massacre of over a hundred thousand people occur. Sate Pestage takes command of the Empire, with a Council established to maintain commerce.

The Emperor's palace -- that endless, gorgeous maze of crystal roofs, hanging gardens, pyramids of green and blue marble shining with gold . . . summer quarters, winter quarters, treasuries, pavilions, music rooms, prisons, halls . . . grace - and - favor residences for concubines, ministers, and trained assassins -- had been shelled hard and partially looted already, Rebel partisans having killed whichever members of the Court they could catch. These included, not only the President of the Bureau of Punishments and the head of the Emperor's School of Torturers, but the court clothing designer and any number of minor and completely innocent servants of all ages, species, and sexes whose names had never been reported.

Mara Jade is captured by Ysanne Isard, who orders her thrown in prison and executed as a traitor. But later she reconsiders, and decides to recruit her. She uses an officer named Ivak to try to lure Mara to her side. Mara plays along -- just until Ivak can lead her to a computer terminal. At which point she locks down the whole Imperial Palace, sneaks into Isard’s office and makes off with her stuff, then flies off for Phorliss under Isard’s nose, on the brink of a new life.


On Coruscant, a full-scale war has broken out among the members of Black Sun, and civilians are being caught in the crossfire.

Isard finally presents her case against Pestage to the Ruling Council. She grounds all ships on Coruscant, but Pestage takes his yacht out anyway -- but Leonia Tavira is waiting for him, and arrests him on Ciutric.

Isard one by one murders the Council members. She sends the last remaining one to her Lusankya facility for brainwashing, and has a clone of herself reprogrammed. Isard is now head of the Galactic Empire.

Tycho Celchu volunteers to fly a TIE starfighter that was impounded after the Bakura Incident, into Coruscant. The starfighter is heavily modified to fill it with sensor packages. Tycho completes several orbits of the planet, and picks up all sorts of interesting data on the Golan space fortresses, the defence shields, the orbital solar collection mirrors, the skyhooks, the dry docks and ship factories, and everything else orbiting the planet. Tycho then took the ship in, landing on Coruscant, and the data was downloaded. It was shipped out by various routes and within two weeks, he was asked to fly the ship out, taking readings as he went, then hooking up with a freighter and return to the Alliance. On his way out, two ion - cannon blasts shorted every system he had in the ship, including the self - destruct. A Star Destroyer pulled him aboard and was captured. Tycho was hit with a Stokhli stun spray, and was knocked unconscious. When Tycho came to, he realized that he had been taken to ‘Lusankya’. After three months of interrogation, his captors decided he was useless. Tycho was shipped to the planet Akrit’tar. After another three months, Tycho managed to escape from the penal colony, and makes his way back to the Alliance. He was debriefed for two months but they couldn’t find anything wrong with him. It would take a number of years for the suspicion placed upon Tycho’s shoulders by General Salm and others in the Alliance upper echelon to lift.


On Coruscant, Isard plots with Kirtan Loor. She's let it be known that Loor (the murderer of Corran Horn’s father Hal) is alive on Coruscant, thus distracting Horn. She arranging for the capture of pilot Bror Jace, going to his dying great uncle. And most of all, she's preparing a welcome for the Rebels on Coruscant.


Rogue Squadron is selected to somehow bring Coruscant's shields down, thus allowing an invasion. Borsk Fey'yla sets up a "adjunct" mission to Kessel, to free members of Black Sun to set up the invasion. Two weeks after the negotiated releases, the Imperials on Coruscant perfect a virus named Krytos, a disease that strikes ONLY non - humans, and can only be cured by bacta. Isard plans to unleash the virus on Coruscant and leave it to the Rebels. The Republic will go broke trying to treat everyone, she reasons -- and she'll plant lies to make the galaxy believe the Rebels helped spread the virus. Corran and Erisi Dlarit are sent undercover to Coruscant for reconnaissance, as are other squadron members in two-man teams. Wedge and Pash Craken meet Iella Wessiri, one of Corran's fellow refugees, and learn the Imperials know they're here. Gavin finds himself captured by the Alien Combine, a group of aliens very angry with recent alien kidnapping’s in Coruscant. His 'trial' is interrupted by the appearance of an Imperial Floating Fortress, which takes several Sullustans for Krytos research -- including Aril. Corran is also nearly captured, by two of the Kessel prisoners -- apparently betrayed by Tycho. Realising an attack is imminent, Isard decides to release the virus immediately into Coruscant's water supply. Corran makes his way back to Wedge and reveals Tycho's apparent betrayal. Wedge says that's impossible -- Tycho was helping fight off Warlord Zsinj at Noquivzor at the time. Working with the Black Sun escapees, the Squadron prepares for an attack on Coruscant's computer. When the incubation period for the virus comes and goes with nothing happening, Isard furiously orders more virus introduced and Rogue Squadron killed immediately. The Rogues attack on computer parts in a warehouse becomes a deadly ambush, and the Black Sun people are responsible. Before being killed by his own lover, Zekka Thyne confirms there is a traitor in Rogue Squadron. The squadron is rescued by a sudden appearance by Tycho, relays an urgent message: The Rogues have 48 hours to get the shields down. At the same time, Isard informs Loor that he will stay on Coruscant to harass the Rebels after she's gone. The Rogues' plan to take Coruscant is to use the planet's weather system against it, creating a massive electrical storm that will take out the planet's power grid -- and hence the shields. If they can't get it down in time, a captured Interdictor at the system's edge will make sure the Rebel fleet doesn't crash into the shields. The storm is set up, Corran in Tycho's Headhunter finishes off the power grid barely in time, and the Battle of Coruscant begins. As a mass exodus begins and the Rebels seize power... Corran's ship suddenly breaks down and crashes. Tycho is arrested for Corran's murder. And elsewhere, Corran wakes up to the sight of the gloating Ysanne Isard.

Despite the Krytos virus now running wild throughout the planet, all of Coruscant mourns the death of Corran. Just as the ceremony ends and everyone starts to leave, Kirtan Loor blows up the memorial. Wedge tries to talk the Provisional Council out of trying Tycho, but the circumstantial evidence against him -- in both Horn's and Jace's deaths -- is overwhelming. And with the virus running wild and stirring up hatred in non-alien races, the trial must go forward, and Tycho likely be executed -- or the Republic falls.

Leia is working on opening relations to the Hapans for help, and the Rogues must retrieve from a space station at Yag'Dhul bacta that Warlord Zsinj stole. Meanwhile, Iella is reunited with her freed husband Diric. And at Isard's infamous Lusankya prison, Corran is slowly being brainwashed. And Loor is working to destroy any and all bacta. Tycho's trial begins, and from the start goes badly. At Lusankya, Corran is released into the general prison population, where he finds Derricote and the long-believed dead General Jan Dodonna, and begins planning his escape. Corran makes his escape, killing Derricote in the process. He learns via computer records that Tycho was incapable of being brainwashed -- he's innocent. He also unintentionally discovers evidence that his father Hal had been a Jedi Knight, and takes Hal's master's lightsaber. He makes his way to the open air -- of Coruscant! He races to Tycho's trial and clears him.

The Rogues are informed that Loor's group is about to attack bacta storehouses all over Coruscant. Loor is suddenly killed, and Iella kills the assailant -- who turns out to be Diric, brainwashed by Isard and thinking it was Derricote he was killing. As the squadron fights the terrorists, Lusankya is suddenly revealed -- as a Super Star Destroyer that bursts from the planet's underground. It blasts its' way past the Rogues and the planetary shields and hyperjumps out of the system, taking Rogue pilot Erisi Dlarit -- revealed to be the true traitor -- with it. Isard travels to Thyferra and seizes control, leaving the whole galaxy without bacta.

At a special medal ceremony, Tycho Celchu is finally cleared of all charges and honored as the hero he truly is, as the Republic breathes a sigh of relief that the last vestiges of evil are finally off of Coruscant. Corran introduces Luke to the Jedi archives he found, and Luke reveals that Hal's master was in fact his father -- Corran's grandfather. He offers to train Corran in the ways of the Jedi. Corran politely says no, at least for now -- Isard must be taken care of first. But the Rogues are told by Borsk Fey'yla that they won't go after Isard -- they're ordered to go after Zsinj instead. And as one, the entire Rogue Squadron resigns.

The Museum of the Republic is established on Coruscant. The edifice contains numerous displays depicting the events of the Galactic Civil War and the years following the Battle of Endor. It contains a room dedicated to the Battle of Yavin, which has a cut - away model of the first Death Star and a listing of the battle station's full complement of personnel. The display is designed to highlight the destructiveness of war, regardless of the outcome.


A cyborg starts a bar brawl with the relaxing Wraith Squadron in a Coruscant bar. Fearing an ambush, the group jumps the “security police” who show up to arrest them. Wedge believes the trap was set by Zsinj, who apparently now knows who Wraith Squadron is. Colonel Atton Repness -- a corrupt officer who once blackmailed Wraith pilot Tyria Sarkin into trying to steal an X-Wing -- orders the Wraiths off leave, to prepare for the hunt for Zsinj. Pilots Ton Phanan and Kell Tainer plan to use a possible Wraith candidate -- Lara Notsil, former mistress of Admiral Trigit -- in a sting operation on Repness.

Wraith pilot Voort "Piggy" saBinring and Admiral Ackbar are nearly killed by a brainwashed assassin sent by Zsinj.

On Coruscant, Mon Mothma avoids another assassination attempt. Then another brainwashed pilot tries to kill Wedge and Solo. Another assassin takes out Dr. Gast. The Rogues are forced to kill their brainwashed pilot.

Worn out after five months of chasing Zsinj, Han returns to Coruscant, to find Hapan Battle Dragons in orbit. He learns that Leia has successfully negotiated a treaty with the Hapes Cluster and it's ruler, Ta'a Chume. They come bearing 62 VERY expensive gifts, all for Leia. The 63rd is the greatest gift of all -- Prince Isolder, heir to the Hapan throne -- to be Leia's husband.

Both Ta'a Chume and the Republic politicians themselves are trying to force Han and Leia apart. Isolder even goes so far as to offer Han a Hapan Battle Dragon if he'll just go away. And Leia does seem to be in love -- if not with Isolder, then at least his world. And she's falling more in love with Isolder by the minute. Desperate to compete with him, Han goes to a card game in Coruscant's underground and puts the Falcon up for collateral. Playing against Drackmarian warlord Omogg, Han wins a planet for Leia and her people -- a planet called Dathomir.

At the Alderaanian consulate on Coruscant, Han Solo and Princess Leia finally become husband and wife.

The New Republic moves the seat of government to the newly retaken planet of Coruscant. At the same time, Leia announces that she and Han are expecting twins.


In a dream on Coruscant, Ben Kenobi visits Luke for the last time. He predicts great dangers, yet also new friends. With a final farewell to "the first of the new" Jedi, he journeys to the afterlife.

Joruus C’Baoth gives Thrawn only one more chance to capture Leia and her children. Thrawn sends a commando team to Coruscant.

At Coruscant, Mara Jade finally comes around from her injuries, and Jacen and Jaina Solo are born to Han and Leia.

Meanwhile, Thrawn continues to cut a swath through the galaxy. Destroying Nomad City at Nkllon, he prepares to attack Coruscant itself. Thrawn's commando team make their move for the children, but are defeated by Mara Jade -- who is arrested when the team names her as their contact. When she learns of Thrawn's clones, she says she can find where they are. The New Republic military doesn't bite.

The Battle of Coruscant begins, as Thrawn seeds the planet's orbit with cloaked asteroids. Garm Bel Iblis is asked back by Mon Mothma, and he takes over the defence. Karrde's associate Ghent finally catches Delta Source -- an intricate system using the Palace's plant life.

Days later, on Coruscant, Talon Karrde and the smuggler groups formally organize into the Smuggler's Alliance, with Mara as liaison. Chewbacca helps the Noghri emigrate to their new homeworld on Wayland. And Luke has a gift for Mara -- his father's lightsaber...

The Empire initiates a blockade over Coruscant.

10 ABY

In the wake of Thrawn’s death, a cadre of Imperial warlords begin an all - out assault on Coruscant. And mail courier Taryn Clancy is stuck under the planetary shields with the rest of the planet’s population. With the Republic’s defenses and communcations completely cut off, Clancy finds herself drafted into service by Garm Bel Iblis as part of the Republic’s evacuation. She will send word to the other fleets of the Republic of the evacuation and flight to a new base.

Clancy and Colonel Bremen set out as the shield falls, flying right into a monstrous armada of Imperial ships and just barely making it to hyperspace.

After the New Republic retreats from Coruscant, a formal ceremony is held by the Empire to reconsecrate the capitol world as Imperial. This earns General Balan a triumphal parade and fame across Imperial space.

The Imperial warlords consolidate power over Coruscant, only to degenerate into civil conflict. In addition, an unexpected, massive new wave of Imperial attackers from the Core Systems begins a vicious (and largely victorious) offensive on the reeling Republic, forcing the galaxy to consider the Republic “Rebels” once again. Thanks to a long abandoned "Project Haven", the Rebels establish a new base on the Pinnacle Moon of Da Sootcha.

Now that the final victory over the Alliance seemed inevitable, the factions of the old Empire tried to establish a government. The Old Republic had endured many calamities, and yet survived them all. Until the collapse of order that spawned the Empire itself, the Republic had survived for millennia against disasters, plagues, wars and betrayals. Surely the Empire could shake off its lethargy and restructure itself to the coming times. Suspicious to the point of paranoia, the Emperor had always scrupulously avoided any delegation of power. Major decisions made by ministers or advisors had to be personally ratified by his chosen servants, usually Grand Vizier Sate Pestage. He allowed, even cultivated, the rivalries of his ministers, warriors and bureaucrats. What none had dared speak in more than a whisper in years past was nor a topic of open debate among the ruling bodies of the Empire. The most important officials in the government, Imperial Advisors like Ars Dangor, blithely suggested the new ruler be selected from their ranks by election. All the Advisors would convene in the old Senate building on Coruscant and, in secret negotiation, would select a ruler and crown him. They would then sit in as a legislative body, overseeing the new ruler’s decisions.

A Rebel - captured Star Destroyer with Luke and Lando on it crashes onto Coruscant. Han and Leia come to the rescue. While there, Luke comes upon an old holo - recording of the Emperor, in which he speaks of his discoveries of the Dark Side, including the ability to create Force storms. One such storm comes and spirits Luke away from the planet, bringing him to the planet Byss, in the center of the galaxy.

During the battles that drove the New Republic from Coruscant, one of the many ships that crashed to the planet's surface destroys the home of Corran and Mirax Horn.

11 ABY

After a terrible last battle on Onderon (in which Rayf Brogan is killed), Han Solo kills Emperor Palpatine's body, and the dying King Empatojayos Brand claims Palpatine's spirit in his body to prevent it from ever coming to life in another body again. At the same time, the Galaxy Gun and the planet Byss are destroyed. On Onderon, the New Republic is re-established. In the wake of the victory, Vima-Da-Boda vanishes, never to be seen again. As the New Republic rebounds and recaptures it’s territory, and Coruscant again becomes the capital, Luke, Leia, and Kam Solusar now face the prospect of re-establishing the Jedi Knights from scratch.

In the battles to regain Coruscant from Imperial troops during the return of Emperor Palpatine, Crix Madine’s fiance Karreio is killed whilst fighting alongside Republic soldiers.

In the wake of the Second Battle of Coruscant, General Wedge Antilles is ordered to restructure Rogue Squadron yet again, this time to incorporate more than just X-wings. Wedge’s argument that the purpose of the squadron would be compromised was met with opposition from those who said that the success of the new multi - starfighter squadron would be enhanced if it bore the name Rogue Squadron. Wedge reluctantly agrees, but decides to command the new Rogue Squadron from afar. He takes command of the Lusankya and uses it as a base of operations for the squadron, which now has over 100 starfighters of various makes and models available to it.

Iella Wessiri, a New Republic Intelligence operative and Corran Horn's ex CorSec partner, manages to procure a safe - house on Coruscant for Corran and his wife, Mirax, to use as a temporary home.

Xenophobia between old Imperial families and aliens on Coruscant is eased, due to the recent attacks on the planet by Imperial warlords.

Supplies gathered during periods of political instability pour forth, to combat the conditions on the recently war-ravaged Coruscant.

Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo are moved to the planet Anoth for safekeeping, with Winter taking care of them. After a few months, it is decided to bring Jacen and Jaina home to Coruscant.

Rogue Squadron, under the command of Colonel Tycho Celchu, is on the hunt for Moff - turned -pirate Leonia Tavira, who's running a gang and fighting and thinking circles around the Republic. Pilot Corran Horn has his own problems -- his wife Mirax wants a baby. But when he gets home to Coruscant, he finds her gone -- in every sense of the word. Including his sense of her in the Force. And his memories of her.

On Coruscant, Luke Skywalker addresses the new Republic Senate. He asks that the Republic sanction and assist a search for Force sensitives in the galaxy, and help him establish an intensive Jedi training center -- an academy to resurrect the Jedi Knights. The Senate overwhelmingly agrees. Luke finds it harder to convince Leia to continue her training -- she’s seemed to reach a barrier in her growth, and her political career is increasingly getting in the way. During their argument, Luke suddenly discovers a way to detect Force powers by provoking an energy reflex in her. The next day, while overseeing reconstruction efforts, Wedge Antilles comes upon an abandoned torture center containing paddles that can seemingly take midichlorian readings of people -- another way to find new Jedi.

On Coruscant, Threepio and Artoo have been working through Imperial records and have turned up some leads on potential Jedi.

Han is treating Kyp to the life he missed out on, turboskiing in the polar regions of Coruscant. When a droid bears news of the tragedy at Vortex, Han rushes to the ‘Falcon’ -- to find Lando and Chewie working on it. An rapidly escalating argument with Lando leads to the two playing a sabacc game for possession of the ‘Falcon’ -- and Lando wins. Crushed, Han is forced to be a mere passenger on his beloved ship to pick up Leia.

On Coruscant, Leia is brought to Mon Mothma’s side. The great leader is dying from a mystery disease, and she begs Leia to bring Ackbar back

On Coruscant, two-year-old Jacen and Jaina have gotten tired of Threepio and Chewie’s babysitting and go on a little adventure of their own through Coruscant’s underground. They come upon a secret colony of accountants-turned-exiles, and helps bring them to the surface.

At Coruscant, Cilghal pushes her new Jedi powers to the limit to crush Mon Mothma of her illness. She succeeds, but Mon Mothma refuses to return as President -- it is Leia’s destiny to lead the New Republic into the future.

13 ABY

Durga the Hutt steals the Death Star plans from Coruscant.

A memorial service is held for Crix Madine on Coruscant.

On Coruscant, President Organa-Solo receives a distress call from Corbos, and decides to send two Jedi to Corbos to deal with the crisis.

At a cafe on Coruscant, Wedge Antilles braces himself to break up with Qwi Xux -- and relieved when Qwi beats him to it. They were both good for each other -- Wedge as an anchor for the amnesiac Qwi, Qwi as the “first love” Wedge never got a chance to have. But now Qwi’s moving on with her life, and it’s high time for Wedge to get a life. As he’s in the process of packing up to go find one, however, General Airen Cracken forces a mission on him -- play diplomat at Adumar, an Unknown Regions world that could be a great source of proton torpedoes, and loves fighter pilots. Wedge, Tycho, Wes and Hobbie head off on the Republic Star Destroyer ‘Allegiance’.

14 ABY

On Coruscant, Minister of State Carlist Rieekan falls deathly ill; a victim of poison, and the Council is deadlocked without either him or Leia, paralyzing the government. Certain something's wrong, Han takes Chewie and Lando and sets out after Leia.

16 ABY

Lando Calrissian and Mara Jade return to Coruscant, back from the Kathol Republic in search of Jorj Car’das for Talon Karrde.

More remote and detached than ever, Luke decides to leave the Jedi Academy in the hands of Streen and become a hermit, even going so far as to rebuild his father's castle on Coruscant as his private hideaway. Elsewhere on the planet, the New Republic prepares to celebrate its' 1,000th straight day of peace, and the Falcon has just been completely refit by Fleet technicians as a gift to Han. But first, Chewie's flying it home to Kashyyyk to visit his family.

On Coruscant, things are going from bad to worse in a hurry. The New Republic fleet is massing at the Cluster's borders. Han tries hard to get a morose Leia to lighten up with a beach vacation. When she returns to work, she starts signing all the attacked planets of the Cluster into the New Republic, shocking the Yevetha and an increasingly hostile Senate alike. Admiral Ackbar takes the survivor from Polneye, Plat Mallar, under his wing and begins to train him to be a pilot. Leia sends a fiery ultimatum to Nil Spaar -- leave the non-Yevethan worlds or prepare to fight.

Luke destroys his private hermitage on Coruscant and rejoins the rest of civilization. Now more at peace with himself, Luke is welcomed back with open arms into the family.

17 ABY

As Leia reluctantly welcomes new ex-Imperial representatives into the Senate, the Senate Hall is blown to bits -- and the older, non- Imperial Senators are the ones killed. As Han rushes to Leia's side, Jarril is fried by two stormtroopers. A factioned and upset Senate calls for an independent investigation. When emergency elections are held, even more ex-Imperials join the Senate.

On Coruscant, the now mostly ex-Imperial Senate has learned of Jarill’s deathbed fingering of Han and ordered his arrest. When Leia protests, she herself comes under suspicion. Han and Lando, however, are more worried about Nandreeson, who’s put Lando in a death trap and seems to know what’s going on.

18 ABY

After his mining operation on Kessel collapses, Lando Calrissian quietly invests in Dometown, an underground city recently found in Coruscant. He begins developing the town into a prosperous community.

Han Solo is left to rot in a Human League prison. Thrackan decides (for his own amusement) to pit the tied-up Han against an angry Selonian named Dracmus. The ‘Lady Luck’ rushes to Coruscant, where Luke and Lando meet with Republic Intelligence. They determine that the interdiction field and communications jamming in the Corellian System both come from Centerpoint Station, an old station between Talus and Tralus. There's no way the Republic can put together a fleet in time, so they'll have to borrow one -- from Bakura. And Luke is going to have to talk to one of the great missed opportunities of his life -- Gaeriel Captison -- to do it.

20 ABY

Disguised as an Ithorian, Moff Takker makes his way into the wedding ceremony of Luke and Mara, which he loudly interrupts. He has a comlink that will download a virus into Coruscant’s computers, destroying the Holonet if the wedding isn’t stopped. Luke, in one of the greatest speeches of his life, talks Takkar down. He actually invites him to join the ceremony! (The virus wouldn’t have worked in any event - the computers had been protected against that since the New Republic took Coruscant.) The ceremony resumes, and Admiral Ackbar declares Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade husband and wife.

23 ABY

The Solo twins and their comrades head home to Coruscant for a vacation. Jaina is particularly looking forward to seeing Zekk, an adventurous lad who often appears with the Academy's cargo ferrier Peckhum. The group reunite with the Solo family and get reacquainted with Zekk. He in turn leads them on a search through Coruscant's underground to find a valuable hawk-bat's egg. They are set upon by "The Lost Ones," a gang of orphans who live in Coruscant's underground. They beat the gang back and return home to incubate the egg.

Zekk is invited for a diplomatic dinner at the Solo's. His manners prove embarrassing, and he runs away -- only to run into Tamith Kai, who shows him that he is Force sensitive. Meanwhile, the space cruiser Adamant (commanded by Admiral Ackbar) is disabled in Coruscant space by Imperial fighters led by Qorl. The Imperials jettison the crew in lifepods and take the ship.

Zekk finds himself in the Shadow Academy, where Brakiss and Tamith begin educating him in the ways of the Dark Side, turning him against his Jedi friends who never told him of his potential. A cargo shuttle leaving Coruscant is blown apart, seemingly colliding into nothing. The young Jedi investigate, even as Peckhum shows up wondering where Zekk is. Believing him to be a victim of the Lost Ones, they set out into their territory.

And they do find Zekk -- who has fallen into the Dark Side and is recruiting Lost Ones into the Shadow Academy. The Jedi are stunned, but allowed to return home to send the word. They realise that the Shadow Academy is mobile -- and in Coruscant orbit. Brakiss -- who seems to be taking orders from Emperor Palpatine, resurrected AGAIN -- takes the Shadow Academy away just as the Jedi uncloak it, taking Zekk and the Lost Ones with him. The shattered young Jedi return to Yavin, bearing a goodbye message from Zekk (who clearly doesn't know what he's getting into).

25 ABY

Mara Jade Skywalker and several others are infected with a strange disease at the direction of Nom Anor. All but Mara and one other infected person die. Mara uses the Force to hold the disease back, and the other victim is taken to Coruscant for testing, but continues to decline in health.

On Coruscant, Luke Skywalker and his Padawan Learner Jacen Solo meets with the new President of the New Republic - Borsk Fey’yla. The High Council is alarmed at the news of Wurth Skidder’s actions, as they are of the increasingly reckless actions of the 100 or so Jedi across the galaxy. Luke is facing a difficult decision - whether or not to re - establish the Jedi Council to rein the Jedi in. Jacen, who has adopted a personal view of the Force, is opposed to the idea. He says as much to Luke.

The united group arrives on Coruscant to confront Fey’yla and the Senate with incontrovertible proof of the Vong’s existence and activities. Ganner and the scientists made it to Agamar and added their report to Luke and Leia’s. It seems they were only saved by Agamarian New Republic Captain Rimsen, who noticed the military was being quietly pulled back from the (unbeknownest to them) Vong battlesites. It was he who brought Kre’fey to Dantooine in the first place. Gavin and Kre’fey demand an answer from Fey’yla - he clearly knew what was happening in the Rim. Why has he kept the Republic and the military in the dark? Kre’fey threatens that the NR military will mutiny if Fey’yla doesn’t reveal the truth to the galaxy and begin an all-out war effort now. Wedge and Tycho privately approach Gavin later and offers their support. The New Republic is finally in the war against the Yuuzhan Vong - but are they in time?

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