The Corellian Sector is composed of the five inhabitable planets of Corellia, Drall, Selonia, Talus, and Tralus. In this sector, three species, Humans, Selonians, and Drall, live in harmony. The chief planet, Corellia is the most heavily populated of the planets and attracts the most tourists. Corellia has both large cities such as the capital of Coronet, and small farming towns. The landscapes consist of beautiful fields, forests, and seas. A wide range of recreational oportunities are offered such as sailing as well as swoop racing. If you are a really advanceed swoop racer, you may want to take a run through the crystal swamps of Agrilat, one of the most harsh tracks in the galaxy. Many of the best pilots in the galaxy have had their beginnings racing swoops here on Corellia. The most popular tourist attraction on the planet is Treasure Ship Row. A year round street fair in the middle of Coronet, Treasure Ship Row offers millions of goods and services from dozens of species. Another tourist attraction in the city of Coronet is the Corona House. This is the seat of government for the planet. Tours are offered throughout the day. Here you can experience the history of Corellia and its government. Corellia is both a world of diverse cultures and industry, and a wonderful tourist spot.