The Holonet is the main vehicle for spreading news instantaneously throughout the galaxy. The Holonet uses subspace relays to transmit three-dimensional images to various holonet receivers. It consists of hundreds of thousands of non-mass transceivers connected through an incredible matrix of coordinated SimuTunnels. Each endpoint is equipped with a huge computer system that decodes and sorts the transmitted information. The Imperial News Bureau is the leading HoloNews provider. The leading local station is the Coruscant Daily NewsFeed.


Alderaan's Destruction Comes With Noble Cause

Article by Pollux Hax

It has now been revealed by our Emperor the true cause for the destruction of Alderaan. Alderaan, against our Emperor's wishes, was developing dangerous bio-weapons that would be used against other planets and systems in order to bring power and wealth to the greedy rulers of Alderaan. Our Emperor, acting for the protection of his people, ordered Alderaan to be destroyed before it wiped out several star systems. He sent the Death Star, an armored space station used strictly for the protection of the Empire's citizens, to destroy the planet. We ask you to ignore all other myths and fables of the destruction of Alderaan. Our Emperor did not ever release to the public that Alderaan was destroyed in a meteor shower. That was a myth made up by and released to the public through the press, as was the story of Alderaan being destroyed from the inside out by their own superweapons. Once again we ask you to pay no attention to the media's lies. As a token of his appreciation, our most gracious Emperor has invited all unfortunate survivors of their planet's destruction to settle on Byss, a paradise world in the deep core that our Emperor himself uses as his private get-away. He will be doing all of this at his own expense.

Rebels Fighting Against Empire's Citizens

Article by Pollux Hax

The Rebels have gone too far in their greedy pursuance of our Emperor's power. They are doing nothing but sad destruction for the Empire's citizens. Their little raids and attacks, though being fended off quickly and justly by the Empire's might, are aimed at nothing but to destroy the Empire's citizens' lives. The Death Star, an armored space station that was used for the protection of the Empire's citizens was constructed and placed into the Imperial Navy to defend the the Empire. The Rebels found out about its construction and, seeing this as an opportunity to cause more harm to the Empire's citizens, plotted to attack the station. The stations defences as well as Darth Vader and a few fighters fought valiantly during the Rebels' attack to protect their fellow citizens. The Rebels were nearly totally wiped out, but the Death Star was destroyed by the Rebel terrorists. This is solid proof that the Rebels are working against the protection and wellfare of the Empire's citizens. Our Emperor urges all citizens of the Empire to join the fight against the Rebels who are trying to bring destruction to all your lives. Our Emperor has tried to bargain and negotiate with the Rebels, but they refuse to listen or cooperate, and therefore they must be destroyed. The Rebels must be wiped out to end their horrible cause.

Rebels Repelled at Hoth

Article by Pollux Hax

The Rebel terrorists have suffered a great defeat at Hoth and have shown that they can no longer hide or defend themselves against the might of the Imperial Navy. Imperial probes discovered the Rebels' hidden base on Hoth prior to an all out assault on the planet. Lord Darth Vader led the Imperial Fleet to the planet and commenced with the attack. Ground troops were let down on the planet inside the Imperial Navy's massive All Terrain Armored Transports. The AT-ATs, proving too powerful for the Rebels, totally annihilated the airspeeders attempting to defend the base and easily destroyed the shield generator. The Rebels also attempted to evacuate the base, but the Imperial Fleet destroyed most of the escaping transports. The base itself was infiltrated and totally destroyed and all Rebel activity in the Hoth system has now been terminated. Unfortunately, some high ranking officials in the Rebellion managed to escape, or were luckily off planet at the time of the assault. We believe that the Rebels are trying to relocate to new headquarters. If you have any information please contact your local Imperial Governor.

Moff Seerdon Murdered at Thyferra

Article by Pollux Hax

Moff Kohl Seerdon was recently killed on Thyferra in a skirmish with the Rebels. Moff Seerdon had taken over Thyferra and was in charge of the bacta supply because Imperial Intelligence had discovered that the Rebels planned to raid the planet and steal all the bacta for their own use. Moff Seerdon was sent to protect the Empire's citizens from this terrible event happening. The Rebel terrorists Rogue Squadron arrived and begun their attack. Moff Seerdon had a history with Rogue Squadron including incidents at Taloraan, Fest, Chandrilla, and Sullust. Moff Seerdon fought valiantly, but at the end the odds against him were too great and he was defeated. Moff Seerdon fought well enough that the Rebels were not able to steal all the bacta and retreated from the planet shortly after the skirmish.

Emperor Gives Rousing Speech on Coruscant

Article by Pollux Hax

The Emperor has just given a speech regarding the future of the Empire. Many fleets were summoned from the outer rim to be present at the event.
"The Empire is on the verge of success. Even now, our capable forces led by Darth Vader are striking back at the Rebel insurgence."

--Emperor Palpatine

Lord Vader was not present during the speech, because he was indeed striking a blow at the Rebels at that moment with the help of Vice Admiral Thrawn.

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