Chandrila is a world rich in not only beauty, but history. Although situated within the Galactic Core, it is a surprisingly rural world. Gentle rolling plains seperate the small and scattered cities from each other. These cities are filled with terraced gardens and naturally curved buildings. Livestock herds and squalls roam freely across the planes, sometimescreating traffic jams on the thoroughfares. Life itself is one of the prime tourist attractions on this world. Tourists from all ove the galaxy visit the Hanna Wild Game Reserve, Gladean Statae Parks, and the waters of Lake Sah'ot. As one of the founders of the Old Republic, Chandrila has a long and important history. If you enjoy history, then the Memorial Military Academy is a must. If you would just like to relax and take in the beauty of this world, you can take a boat out on the vast Silver Sea. The pristine seas of Chandrila have attracted many visitors. Whether historian or vacationer, Chandrila offers a great getaway.