Carrack Cruisers have been a part of the Imperial Navy since the earliest days of the New Order. Carracks are 350 meters long and are considered light cruisers, but they are quite heavily armed. They are equipped with 10 heavy turbolasers, 20 ion cannons, and five tractor beam projectors. The 20 ion cannons can be refitted with 20 laser cannons. Although not equipped with a docking bay, the Carrack Cruiser holds five TIE Fighters on external racks. The ship's powerful sublight engines give it speed that matches an X-Wing Fighter. The Carrack's unusual compartmentalization system gives the ship great resistance to hull damage, but insufficient armor plating around the power generators means that a direct hit just aft of the cruiser's midline will probably disable the ship. Imperial protocols call for the Carrack to be a support cruiser, and also as reargaurd vessels for fleet actions.