Gas giants are very common in the galaxy, but the characteristic that makes Bespin stand out among them is it's ability to support life. Bespin is a world of beautiful skies filled with billowing clouds and floating cities. There is a narrow band of temperate, breathable air in the upper altitudes. Within this area are clouds of phosphorescent algae, giant living gas bags caled beldons, and sharp toothed velkers. Bespin is a prime source for Tibanna gas which is used in blasters and hyperdrives. The Tibanna gas on Bespin is naturally spin-sealed making it worth more. The Tibanna gas is mined on automated floating refineries and huge floating cities. The most prestigious of these is Cloud City. Cloud City doubles as both a mining colony and an entertainment complex. It is a place of culture, relaxation, and excitment. The city is over 16 kilometers in diameter and 17 kilometers from the top of Kerros Tower to the bottom of the reactor stalk. Most of Cloud ities architechture is Alderaanian in honor of the wife of the original owner, Ecclessis Figg. The upper levels of the city contain hotels, spas, casinos, clubs, and museums. Popular restaraunts provide food from countless planets and races. Cloud City provides excellent accomodations including many moderately priced hotels. Cloud City's finest hotel is the Yerith Bespin. Many visiting dignitaries and VIPs have lodged there. There are also a number of fine moderately priced hotels including the Holiday Towers, as well as the budget-priced Stratosphere. Another one of Bespin's greatest spectacles is the sky rodeo, which is a monthly event where talented riders ride thrantas, large flyers transplanted from Alderaan, accompanied by twin pod cloud car stunt flyers. Many people believe that the gases of Bespin have therapeutic qualities.Floating health spas take customers out into the clouds for an invigorating "cloud bath." Bespin has a 12 hour rotation cycle giving tourists two full days and nights to experience the recreational oportunities of Cloud City without having to sleep. Guided tours are also offered by means of large launch platforms, letting the tourists see floating gas refineries, the ruins of Tibannopolis(another floating city no longer in use), and storm systems in the clouds below. Whether you want to invest, conduct scientific studies, or just enjoy excellent recreational opportunities, Bespin is the place to be.