Anchorhead Script

LUKE bursts into the power station waking CAMIE and FIXER

LUKE: Come on, shape it up you guys!. . . BIGGS!

LUKE and BIGGS give each other a big bear hug

LUKE: Hey, I didn't know you were back. When did you get in?

BIGGS: Just now, I never expected you to be out working. (he laughs).

LUKE: The Academy didn't change you much. I almost forgot. There's a battle going on! Right here in our system! Come and look.

BIGGS: Not again! Forget it.

FIXER: Hey, what's all the noise about.

Deak: Can you come back down here and play the game.

CAMIE: I think Wormie's got too much sun.

They all go outside to look.

LUKE: (looking through his electrobinoculars) There they are.

BIGGS: (taking the electrobinoculars and looking through them) That's no battle, hotshot. They're just sitting there. Probably a freigter-tanker refueling.

LUKE: There was a lot of firing earlier. . .

CAMIE grabs the binoculars to look

LUKE: Hey.

BIGGS: I'll tell you, LUKE, the Rebellion is a long way from here. This planet, abig hunk of nothing.

FIXER: I doubt the Empire would even fight to save the system.

CAMIE tosses the binoculars back to LUKE.

LUKE: Hey, would you watch it.

The group stumbles back into the power station. LUKE looks back up to the sky.

Later, LUKE and BIGGS are walking and drinking a malt brew

LUKE: (very animated). . .I was so close I though I was going to fry my instruments. As it was, I busted up the skyhopper pretty bad. And Uncle Owen, furious. He wound up grounding me for the rest of the season. You should have been there, it was fantastic.

BIGGS: You gotta take it a little easy, LUKE. You may be the hootest bushpilot this side of Mos Eisley, but those little skyhoppers are dangerous. Keep it up, but uhh one day, wammo! you're going to be nothing more than a dark spot on the down side on a canyon wall.

LUKE: Look who's talking. You've been hanging around those starfleets so long, you're beginning to sound like my uncle. You know you're getting a little soft in the city.

BIGGS shoves LUKE jokingly

BIGGS: I've missed you kid.

LUKE: Yeah, well, things haven't been the same without you, BIGGS. It's been so. . .quiet.

BIGGS looks around and then leans close to LUKE.

BIGGS: (whispering) LUKE, I didn't come back just to say good-bye. I shouldn't tell you this, but you're the only one I can trust. See, I may never come back and I just want someone to know.

LUKE: What are you talking about?

BIGGS: I made some friends at the Academy. When our frigate leaves for one of the central systems, we're going to jump ship and join the Alliance.

LUKE: The Rebellion!?

BIGGS: Quiet down, will ya. You've got a mouth bigger than a meteor crater.

LUKE: I'm quiet. I'm quiet. See how quiet I am, you can barely hear me.

BIGGS: My friend has a friend on Bestine who might help us make contact.

LUKE: You're crazy! You'll be wander around forever trying to find them.

BIGGS: I know it's a long shot, but if I don't find them I'll do what I can on my own. It's what we've always talked about. LUKE, I'm not going to wait around for the Empire to draft me into service. The Rebellion is spreading and I want to be on the side I believe in.

LUKE: Yeah, meanwhile I'm stuck here. . .

BIGGS: You'll get your chance to get off this rock. You're going to the Academy next term, aren't you?

LUKE: Not likely! I had to cancel my application.

BIGGS: What for?

LUKE: My uncle needs me.

BIGGS: Aww. . .

LUKE: No, I'm serious. The sandpeople have been getting really crazy. They've even raided the outskirts of Anchorhead.

BIGGS: Come on, LUKE. You're uncle can hold off a whole colony of sandpeople with one blaster.

LUKE: I know, but he's got almost enough vaporators going to make the place pay off. I have to stay one more season. I can't leave him now.

BIGGS: What good is all your uncles work if the Empire takes it over? You know they've already to nationalize commerce in the central systems. It won't be long before your uncle is merely a tenant, slaving for the greater glory of the Empire.

LUKE: No, that's not gonna happen here. You said it yourself. The Empire won't won't even mess with this old rock.

BIGGS: Things could change.

LUKE: I wish I was going. Are you going to be around long?

BIGGS: No, I'm leaving in the morning.

LUKE: Then I guess I won't see you.

BIGGS: Maybe some day. I'll keep a look out.

LUKE: Yeah, I'll be at the Academy next season and then who knows. I won't be drafted into the Imperial Starfleet, that's for sure. Well take it easy buddy (while shaking hands). You'll always be the best friend I've ever had.

BIGGS: So long, LUKE.

BIGGS turns away from his old friend and heads toward the power station. LUKE throws a pebble.