The beautiful world of Alderaan is a great vacation destination. The planet is filled with Grassy plains, alien ruins, distinguished universities, celebrated museums, soaring thrantas, and dazzling glimmerfish. Alderaan is a world of unspoiled beauty and a center of art, culture, and education. The Alderaanians work with thier environment, building their cities into canyon crevasses, beneath the polar ice, and on stilts in the shallow saline seas. Some of the greatest artist and philosophers who ever lived were attracted to the rolling plains and gentle breezes. Stay in one of the huge flying hotels that drift across continents giving an unparalleled view of the landscape, including the beautiful grass paintings. Some brilliant botanical artist make their finest work on the flat grassland of this planet. Vacation barges also drift through the artificial canals connecting the lakes and ponds. Another majestic spot is the famed oro woods, on a chain of islands in the largest inland sea. Here, graceful, clean-limbed trees climb hundreds of meters into the air. Some isolated lakes have been established as underwater preserves. Tour groups are taken by Mon Calamari guides and fish keepers on diving expeditions. Every spring the "Silver Flow" occurs. This is when millions upon milions of tiny glimmerfish hatch. This is one of Alderaan's most popular holidays. Yet another natural wonder of Alderaan are the thrantas. Thrantas are immense flying creatures ridden by daring individuals. A definate must-see is the Castle Lands. The Castle Lands have weathered turrets and structures densely packed into hives, built mound upon mound by the ancient Killik race. The structures are filled with honeycombed passages, small dwelling chambers, larger communal eating areas, and egg-laying grottoes. The Killik Castles have barely changed for millenia. Lastly, don't miss the cultural centers of Aldera, Crevasse City, and Terrarium City, all built to coincide with the environment.